Komatsu Products

4 Jun


TFV Hidraulic provides repair / retrofitting services for Komatsu products (spare parts, hydraulic pumps, hydro-motors, distributors, hydraulic filters, etc.).

Models of pumps: HPV35, HPV55, HPV55T, HPV70, HPV75, HPV90, HPV95, HPV100, HPV105, HPV125, HPV132, HPV140, HPV160, KMF40, KMF90, KMF125, KMF160, KPV90, KPV160; PC30-7, PC40-8, PC45R-8, PC50, PC60-3, PC60-5, PC60-6, PC60-7, PC60-8, PC70-6, PC80-3, PC90-1, PC100-3, PC100-5, PC100-6, PC100-7, PC100-8, PC120-3, PC120-5, PC120-6, PC120-7, PC120-8, PC150-3, PC150-5, PC200-1, PC200-2, PC200-3, PC200-5, PC200-6, PC200-7, PC200-8, PC220-3, PC220-5, PC220-6, PC220-7, PC300, PC300-1, PC300-2, PC300-3, PC300-5, PC300-6, PC300-7, PC320, PC350-6, PC360-7, PC400, PC400-1, PC400-2, PC400-3, PC400-5, PC400-6, PC400-7, PC450-6, PC600-7, PC650-3 (P1), PC650-3 (P2), PC650-3 (SP), PC650-5 (P1), PC650-5(P2), PC650-5 (SP), PC710-5 (P1), PC710-5 (P2), PC710-5 (SP), PC750-6 (P1), PC750-6 (P2), PC800-6 (P1), PC800-6 (P2), PC1000-1 (P1), PC1000-1 (P2), PC1000-1 (SP), PC1100-6 (P1), PC1100-6 (P2), PC1100-6 (P3), PC1600-1 (P1), PC1600-1 (P2), PC1600-1 (SP), WA700-1 (LOADER), WA700-1 (SWITCH), WA800-1 (LOADER), WA800-1 (STEERING), WA800-1 (SWITCH), WA800-2 (LOADER), WA800-2 (STEERING), WA800-2 (SWITCH), WA900-1 (LOADER), WA900-1 (STEERING), WA900-1 (SWITCH), D65EX-12 (HYD), D65PX-12 (HYD), D155AX-3 (HMT), D155AX-3 (HSS), PC100-1, PC100-2, PC120-1, PC120-2, PC150-1, PC150-3, PC150-5, PC200-1, PC200-2, PC200-3, PC200-5, PC200-6, PC220-1, PC220-2, PC220-3, PC220-5, PC220-6; PC100-1, PC120-1, PC200-1, PC200-2, PC200-3, PC200-5, PC220-1, PC220-2, PC220-3, PC300-2, PC300-3.

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