Hitachi Products

4 Jun


TFV Hidraulic provides repair / retrofitting services for Hitachi products (spare parts, hydraulic pumps, hydro-motors, distributors, hydraulic filters, etc.).

Models of pumps: HPV050, HPV091DS, HPV091ES, HPV091DW, HPV091EW, HPV102FW, HPV102GW, HPV105FW, HPV116C, HPV118, HPVO118, HPV125A, HPV125B, HPV125C, HPV135, HPV145C, HPV145D, HPV145F, HPV145G, HPK055A.

Models of hydro-motors: HMGC16, HMGC32, HMGC35, HMGC48, HMGF35, HMGF35, HMGF38A, HMGF49CA, HMGF57AA, HMT045, HMT36A, HMT36FA, HMT107, HMT125AC, HMT134, HMV116, HMV145, EX100, EX120, EX200, EX210, UH07-7, UH083.

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